The HFH2-10 series of broad band hybrids enable two co-phased 10 kW transmitters to be combined into a single 20 kW output. These units are particularly useful in low power HF broadcast systems where uninterrupted service is required when failure in one transmitter occurs.

Due to the excellent isolation characteristic of the HFH2-10, combination of two unequal frequencies for common antenna working is possible if the 3 dB power loss can be tolerated.

HFH2 – 10 Dimensional

HFH2-10 Technical Specification

Frequency: 2 – 30 MHz
Impedance: 50 ohms
Power: 2 input channels each 10 kW average (40kW peak)20 kW average output for co-phased inputs
Pressure Relief Valve:Set to 0.5 – 1 PSI
Insertion loss: <0.25dB (matched loads)
VSWR:<1.2 : 1 max
Load VSWR: 2.5:1 max.
Connectors: 7/8″ or 15/8″ EIA
Weight: 55kg
Construction: Aluminium case, silicon oil cooled, pressure relief valve, epoxy paint finish
Load Ports : 2 x 50 ohm 7/8″ EIA
Isolation:>30 dB (matched loads)
Temperature:-40°C to +55°C