Transmitter multicouplers utilising low loss filter networks enable multiple transmitters to work into a common antenna. Computer aided design techniques provide optimum performance from conventional LC circuits which allows transmitters to work at 15% frequency separation.

System losses are low, typically less that 0.3dB and rejection of the adjacent transmitter above 30dB. The HFM2-1 series are suitable for 19” rack mounting and do not require additional forced air cooling.

Models can be supplied with various notch widths and we will be pleased to advise on the most economical solution to your problems.

HFM2-1 Dimensional Drawing

HFM2-1 Technical Specification

Frequency:0.1 – 32MHz
Impedance:50 ohms
VSWR:<1.2: 1 (matched loads)
Insertion Loss:<0.3dB (matched load)
Isolation:>30dB (matched load)
Load VSWR:3:1 max
Notch Width:15%, 20%, 40% of cross over frequency
Cross Cover Frequency:Notch centre to be specified between 3-18MHz (lower notch centres available)
Environment:Indoor -40°C to +55°C (natural convection)
Connectors:‘N’, ‘HN’, 7/8” EIA, 7/16” Spinner
Power:2 input channels each 1kW average (2kW peak) 1 output channel 2kW average (4kW peak)

Typical Response

Typical Response