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RL 100-5 – 50 Ohm 10kW Resistive Load

The RL100-5 is a 50 ohm unbalanced resistive load designed specifically for the HF frequency range 1.5 – 32MHz. The load is convection cooled, requires no AC power and is suitable for outdoor unprotected operation. Typical applications include use as a transmitter load, hybrid balancing load and antenna common mode load.


RL100 – 5 Technical Specification

Frequency: 1.5 – 32 MHz
Input Impedance: 50 ohms
Power: 10kW average continuous 20kW peak
VSWR: <1.15 : 1
Load VSWR: 3 : 1 max.
Connectors: 7/8″ or 1 5/8″ EIA
Weight: 60kg
Construction: Aluminum housing with Alocrom 1200 and enamel paint finish
Humidity: 100% at 30C
Temperature: -40°C to +65°C
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