CTS is now a product brand sold by SMC

SMC manufacture and design the CTS brand of HF broadband ferrite matching transformers, hybrids, multicouplers, filters and associated products introduced by CTS since its formation in 1987. The business and products of Minns Baluns Ltd was absorbed into the range in 1998.

For years CTS, as a company, had a good business relationship with SMC, but in 2005 the relationship developed further. The popular TA range of Balanced Transformers were in demand, and for SMC to develop a quick and efficient production turn around it was inevitable that they would merge with their close industry friend. We at SMC now sell the whole CTS product range.

Furthermore the manufacture and sales of all CTS products were transferred from the Surrey based factory to a newly refurbished unit at South Midlands Communications Ltd. This venture will rapidly expand CTS’s retained brand name and inflate the products into a larger world market.

Business is as usual, and all enquires should be directed to the SMC sales team who will be more than happy to discuss your requirments. Whether they are standard ‘off the shelf’ products or bespoke designs, SMC can cater for you.

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